Supplement | HBS Case Collection | June 2001

GE's Early Dispute Resolution Initiative (B)

by Michael A. Wheeler and Gillian Morris


Early Dispute Resolution (EDR) has proved successful at GE. Yet, when Michael McIlwrath, new counsel at an Italian subsidiary, attempted to translate it to his company, problems arose. He had to gain internal acceptance, and explain the concept of early mediation to a European culture not accustomed to the practice. This case examines the successes and challenges of translating an American dispute resolution program to an overseas context and explores four studies of litigation cases facing McIlwrath.

Keywords: Business Subsidiaries; Globalization; Lawsuits and Litigation; Organizational Culture; Performance Effectiveness; Problems and Challenges; Conflict of Interests; Complexity; Italy; New York (state, US);


Wheeler, Michael A., and Gillian Morris. "GE's Early Dispute Resolution Initiative (B)." Harvard Business School Supplement 801-453, June 2001.