Case | HBS Case Collection | April 2001 (Revised July 2001)

Verge Software (A)

by Dorothy A. Leonard and Elizabeth Kind


Scott Rozic, CEO of start-up Verge Software, has just told his board that he is taking the company in a totally new direction, moving from enterprise knowledge management software to Internet direct marketing. This case covers the start-up of the business, and Rozic's mentoring by a key angel investor. It leaves open the question of whether this decision is wise or whether Rozic should go back to the enterprise business, now that venture capital funding preferences have shifted once again.

Keywords: Venture Capital; Investment; Corporate Entrepreneurship; Business or Company Management; Business Strategy; Technological Innovation; Software; Management Teams; Governing and Advisory Boards; Business Startups; Decision Choices and Conditions; Product Development; Information Technology Industry; United States;


Leonard, Dorothy A., and Elizabeth Kind. "Verge Software (A)." Harvard Business School Case 601-065, April 2001. (Revised July 2001.)