Case | HBS Case Collection | February 2001 (Revised August 2001)


by Alan D. MacCormack and Kerry Herman


Describes the development of WholesalerDirect, a B2B electronic commerce venture in the plumbing, heating, cooling, and piping industry. Adam Berger, the CEO, is trying to raise funding to roll out the company's e-commerce platform to the industry's more than 3,000 wholesalers. But amid the sinking stock market, no one is ready to commit funds. WholesalerDirect has valuable assets and a solid idea, but how can it communicate these attributes to potential investors?

Keywords: Online Technology; Valuation; Business Plan; Financing and Loans; Financial Strategy;


MacCormack, Alan D., and Kerry Herman. "WholesalerDirect." Harvard Business School Case 601-067, February 2001. (Revised August 2001.)