Case | HBS Case Collection | February 2001 (Revised January 2002)


by Paul W. Marshall, Carin-Isabel Knoop and Suma Raju


Tracmail, an online customer service company based in India, is trying to handle support services (e-mail and chat) for companies worldwide. In its quest to break into global markets, Tracmail is contemplating a joint venture with a U.S. call center. Tracmail is also grappling with issues such as setting up a U.S. sales force (when the majority of the company's workforce is based in India) as well as convincing American companies to entrust their entire customer service department to a foreign company.

Keywords: Salesforce Management; Globalized Firms and Management; Business Startups; Joint Ventures; Service Industry; Information Technology Industry; India; United States;


Marshall, Paul W., Carin-Isabel Knoop, and Suma Raju. "Tracmail." Harvard Business School Case 801-037, February 2001. (Revised January 2002.)