Case | HBS Case Collection | January 2001 (Revised January 2004)

Ninth House: e-Learning Software

by Amy C. Edmondson, Frances X. Frei and Corey B. Hajim


Jeff Snipes, CEO of the Ninth House Network, a San Francisco-based E-Learning company, considers a strategy shift to address a recent slump in sales and to attract more customers. The revised strategy would require creating shorter, more directed content that could be delivered cheaply and quickly. A CD-ROM was being built as well to address customer concerns about bandwidth. The sales team was considering a narrow focus on companies with a connection to broadband services. But how would this affect the Ninth House culture? Would the organizational structure have to change? Would new content require a different selling model?

Keywords: Online Technology; Service Operations; Organizational Structure; Groups and Teams; Corporate Strategy; Organizational Culture; Learning; Sales; Service Delivery; Entrepreneurship; Information Technology Industry; Service Industry; Education Industry; San Francisco;


Edmondson, Amy C., Frances X. Frei, and Corey B. Hajim. "Ninth House: e-Learning Software." Harvard Business School Case 601-047, January 2001. (Revised January 2004.)