Case | HBS Case Collection | December 2000 (Revised May 2002)

Reverend Jeffrey Brown: Cops, Kids and Ministers

by Kathleen L. McGinn and Alexis Lefort


Introduces Reverend Jeffrey Brown, one of the cofounders of the Ten Point Coalition in Boston, Mass. The Ten Point Coalition, a group of ministers that worked to change the dynamics between the Boston Police Department and the kids on the street, was instrumental in reducing the rate of youth violence in Boston. Describes the unique history of Boston and how the coalition came to be successful in Boston. Wrestles with the question of whether or not the success can be replicated in other cities around the world.

Keywords: Change; Civil Society or Community; Alliances; Interpersonal Communication; Power and Influence; Law Enforcement; City; Boston;


McGinn, Kathleen L., and Alexis Lefort. "Reverend Jeffrey Brown: Cops, Kids and Ministers." Harvard Business School Case 801-284, December 2000. (Revised May 2002.)