Case | HBS Case Collection | November 2000 (Revised July 2001)

Intuit QuickBooks

by Rajiv Lal and Punima P Kochikar


Internet QuickBooks, a successful product with a strong brand and an 85% share of retail sales, was faced with the challenge of meeting market growth expectations in a mature, slowing market segment. Generating recurring revenues by providing value-added online services that complement the desktop software was viewed as an attractive solution by QuickBook's management. Intuit now had to decide the best way to provide these services--i.e. build them in house or acquire them through partnerships. In doing so, the company had to evaluate ways to capture value in the Intuit QuickBooks brand without damaging it. Teaching purpose: Taught in the first-year marketing course to bring out the issues related to capturing value.

Keywords: Budgets and Budgeting; Decisions; Growth and Development; Brands and Branding; Market Participation; Problems and Challenges; Internet; Value; Web Services Industry;


Lal, Rajiv, and Punima P Kochikar. "Intuit QuickBooks." Harvard Business School Case 501-054, November 2000. (Revised July 2001.)