Exercise | November 2000

Atlantis-Biovent Negotiation: Confidential Instructions for Biovent

by Michael A. Wheeler


This two-party exercise illustrates bidding strategy in the context of settling a large insurance claim. Specifically, the claimant (Biovent) and the insurer (Atlantis) are asked to submit confidential offers to a dispute resolution website that will determine whether there is room for agreement. This exercise is thus a vehicle for: 1) examining what sorts of bidding rules are likely to promote settlement and 2) exploring more broadly the emerging market for Internet-based dispute resolution services.

Keywords: Insurance; Bids and Bidding; Emerging Markets; Agreements and Arrangements; Conflict of Interests; Strategy; Web Sites;


Wheeler, Michael A. "Atlantis-Biovent Negotiation: Confidential Instructions for Biovent." Harvard Business School Exercise 801-263, November 2000.