Case | HBS Case Collection | October 2000 (Revised March 2007)

Nick Fiore: Healer or Hitman? (A)

by Clayton M. Christensen and Tara Donovan


Many general managers face this predicament at one time or another: if I don't deliver the numbers, senior management won't invest in our growth. But what it takes to deliver the desired numbers may include layoffs and other undesirable solutions. Is it better to back off the short-term solutions and weather the revenue losses, or will cutting back in the short term actually help to deliver the long-term results? Looks at one general manager's struggle with these issues.

Keywords: Risk Management; Job Cuts and Outsourcing; Strategic Planning; Decision Choices and Conditions;


Christensen, Clayton M., and Tara Donovan. "Nick Fiore: Healer or Hitman? (A)." Harvard Business School Case 601-062, October 2000. (Revised March 2007.)