Case | HBS Case Collection | August 2000

Alison Brown of Compass Records

by Teresa M. Amabile and Amy Blitz


Highly acclaimed recording artist, banjo player, and jazz/blue grass composer Alison Brown has used her artistic experience and MBA-based business savvy to found a successful independent record company with bassist/husband Garry West. Representing a stellar roster of musicians from an eclectic array of music genres, Compass Records has, in its five-year history, established a strong niche in a market crowded with both major record labels and other independents. Now, faced with a rapidly consolidating industry and with major technological advances, Brown and West consider new ways to maintain business success.

Keywords: Entrepreneurship; Technological Innovation; Growth and Development Strategy; Growth Management; Industry Structures; Service Delivery; Business Strategy; Expansion; Entertainment and Recreation Industry; Music Industry;


Amabile, Teresa M., and Amy Blitz. "Alison Brown of Compass Records." Harvard Business School Case 801-089, August 2000.