Case | HBS Case Collection | July 2000

Dawn Riley at America True (C)

by Linda A. Hill and Kristin Doughty


Dawn Riley and America True are based in Auckland, New Zealand, where racing will begin in six weeks. The senior management team will be meeting in August 1999 to decide whether or not to make changes to Tag, the practice boat that they are using as a testing platform. Riley has striven to create a consensus-based approach to decision-making, and see herself as a "participant" in these meetings. She wonders if things have gotten "too democratic," and if she should step in and lead this meeting. Would changing her behavior now about such a seminal matter compromise her effort to create a collaborative decision making approach? This case provides information on sailing and design programs, and explores in depth Riley's role as a "producing manager."

Keywords: Management Style; Leadership; Behavior; Groups and Teams; Organizational Culture; Problems and Challenges; Sports; Gender; Management Teams; New Zealand;


Hill, Linda A., and Kristin Doughty. "Dawn Riley at America True (C)." Harvard Business School Case 401-008, July 2000.