Case | HBS Case Collection | July 2000 (Revised June 2002)

Dawn Riley at America True (A)

by Linda A. Hill and Kristin Doughty


Dawn Riley is the CEO/Captain of America True, the first coed syndicate to race for the America's Cup. Over three years, based on her vision for America True, she built the syndicate from scratch, bringing on investors and sponsors, designing and building a boat, and hiring a sailing crew to race it. In June 1999, Riley must decide how to handle the San Francisco office now that America True's base of operations is moving to Auckland, New Zealand, where racing will begin in four months. She is facing pressure to phase out the office to cut down on costs, but Riley believes that the people in San Francisco and the work they are doing are key to her vision for America True. She must weigh the tension between immediate pressures to win and the longer-term sustainability of her vision.

Keywords: Management Style; Leadership; Problems and Challenges; Sports; Gender; Business Startups; North and Central America; New Zealand; San Francisco;


Hill, Linda A., and Kristin Doughty. "Dawn Riley at America True (A)." Harvard Business School Case 401-006, July 2000. (Revised June 2002.)