Case | HBS Case Collection | June 2000 (Revised July 2000)


by Malcolm S. Salter and Andrew Eggers


Describes the challenges facing a Japanese financial services company as it attempts to maintain its ability to attract and retain talented employees. The CEO's ideas of corporate governance and evidence from the competitive labor environment suggest the need for more performance-based compensation. But employees at all levels of the firm understand that any new compensation system must carefully consider the strategic goals of the firm, the cultural context of the Japanese workplace, and the legal framework of the Japanese corporation. Considers how a particular performance measurement system known as ORIX Value Added (OVA) might be used in the firm.

Keywords: Corporate Governance; Compensation and Benefits; Motivation and Incentives; Management Analysis, Tools, and Techniques; Geographic Location; Financial Services Industry; Japan;


Salter, Malcolm S., and Andrew Eggers. "ORIX KK." Harvard Business School Case 800-272, June 2000. (Revised July 2000.)