Exercise | May 2000

Tyrell Web Developers Inc. (B)

by Alan D. MacCormack and Andrew P. McAfee


An integrated exercise culminating in a team project to design and develop a Web site for a fictitious company. Puts students in the position of designing a Web site for a demanding client (a local pizza company). Students are given a (purposefully) brief description of what the site must accomplish and are told that the site must be complete within a week. During this week, they have the opportunity to submit early "beta" versions of the web site to gain feedback from other teams. Insight is gained into specific practices which can improve development performance, as well as criteria for assessing what consitutes good Web site design.

Keywords: Web Sites; Software; Product Development; Design; Internet;


MacCormack, Alan D., and Andrew P. McAfee. "Tyrell Web Developers Inc. (B)." Harvard Business School Exercise 600-026, May 2000.