Case | HBS Case Collection | May 2000 (Revised August 2001)

Telecom Italia Takeover (A)

by Michael D. Watkins, James K. Sebenius and Ann Leamon


After two months at the helm of Telecom Italia, Franco Bernabe is confronted by a hostile takeover bid from a much smaller rival. He has a few days in which to maneuver. The case describes the background of Italian telecoms and of the bid itself. Also presents the personalities, the issues, and the options from which Bernabe can choose to defend himself and his company. How should he respond to this threat? Given his personal strengths, what is he likely to do and will it be successful? How new is the "new order" that the bid appears to represent?

Keywords: Negotiation Process; Mergers and Acquisitions; Leadership Style; Telecommunications Industry; Italy;


Watkins, Michael D., James K. Sebenius, and Ann Leamon. "Telecom Italia Takeover (A)." Harvard Business School Case 800-363, May 2000. (Revised August 2001.)