Case | HBS Case Collection | April 2000 (Revised September 2001)

Peppers and Rogers Group, The

by John A. Deighton


Can two successful authors build a scalable consulting practice based on their unique view of customer relationship management (CRM)? Should they emphasize strategy or execution? The case describes how Peppers and Rogers grew from two people earning speaker fees to a 160-person publishing, consulting, and Internet technology promotion company. Now they want to grow faster and take advantage of the IPO capital market that has enabled the birth of competitors like Scient, Viant, and Zefer in the market for e-commerce and consulting.

Keywords: Customer Relationship Management; Growth and Development; Information Publishing; Going Public; Strategy; Competition; Internet; Consulting Industry;


Deighton, John A. "Peppers and Rogers Group, The." Harvard Business School Case 500-096, April 2000. (Revised September 2001.) (request a courtesy copy.)