Exercise | March 2000

Developing Products on Internet Time: A Process Design Exercise

by Stefan H. Thomke


This team exercise allows students to experience some of the dynamics of developing products in the fast-paced Internet environment and was inspired by the browser war between Netscape and Microsoft. Designed to be taught in a single class session, the exercise introduces various sources of uncertainty (e.g., various press releases, different team sizes) that make the task of designing a development process particularly challenging. Student teams have to make decisions on organization, features, milestones, testing, and integration in a period of about 30 minutes and present their results to the rest of the class.

Keywords: Product Development; Internet; Problems and Challenges; Risk and Uncertainty; Design; Decisions; Management Practices and Processes; Integration; Organizations; Competition;


Thomke, Stefan H. "Developing Products on Internet Time: A Process Design Exercise." Harvard Business School Exercise 600-121, March 2000.