Case | HBS Case Collection | March 2000 (Revised February 2005)

Thomas Weisel Partners (A)

by Thomas J. DeLong, Ashish Nanda, Boris Groysberg, Matthew C. Lieb and Scott D Landry


Thomas Weisel, longtime leader of Montgomery Securities, realizes that the sale of Montgomery to NationsBank was the biggest mistake of his life. After his exit from NationsBanc Montgomery Securities, Weisel develops a business plan for a new merchant bank, Thomas Weisel Partners.

Keywords: Competitive Strategy; Business Plan; Financial Institutions; Management Teams; Financial Services Industry;


DeLong, Thomas J., Ashish Nanda, Boris Groysberg, Matthew C. Lieb, and Scott D Landry. "Thomas Weisel Partners (A)." Harvard Business School Case 800-215, March 2000. (Revised February 2005.)