Case | HBS Case Collection | March 2000

Lockheed Martin: The Employer of Choice Mission

by Clayton M. Christensen and Michael D Overdorf


A Lockheed Martin manager is faced with the decision of where to focus the organization's resources in order to develop a world-class employee development system. The manager's recommendation will serve as the basis for the company's goal of becoming an Employer of Choice in the minds of its current and prospective employees. Compounding the difficulty of his decision is the pressure from the current financial, operational, and cultural challenges facing the business. With the defense industry becoming more cost competitive and contracts being awarded to non-traditional defense industry suppliers, Lockheed Martin is faced with a need to reduce its cost structure while developing employee talent and future leaders who can adapt quickly to change and effectively lead in this new environment.

Keywords: Organizational Culture; Resource Allocation; Decision Choices and Conditions; Employees; Human Resources; Leadership Development; Cost Management; Organizational Design; Aerospace Industry;


Christensen, Clayton M., and Michael D Overdorf. "Lockheed Martin: The Employer of Choice Mission." Harvard Business School Case 300-032, March 2000.