Background Note | HBS Case Collection | March 2000

Venture Capitalist as Entrepreneur, The

by Robert J. Robinson and Noam T. Wasserman


Introduces students to negotiations between venture capitalists (VCs) and the limited partners who provide the VCs' capital. Also discusses negotiations between VCs and other VCs, including those within a VC firm itself. Explores interests, sources of negotiating power, barriers to reaching agreement, and common contractual terms. Describes how the parties try to reduce information asymmetries, align incentives, control decision making, and protect financial downside.

Keywords: Business Model; Venture Capital; Capital; Negotiation Tactics; Entrepreneurship; Financial Services Industry;


Robinson, Robert J., and Noam T. Wasserman. "Venture Capitalist as Entrepreneur, The." Harvard Business School Background Note 800-237, March 2000. (2000.)