Background Note | HBS Case Collection | March 2000

Fall Before Rising, A: The Story of Jai Jaikumar (A)

by H. Kent Bowen, Richard Compton Squire, Sarah Patricia Vickers-Willis and Harry James Wilson


What is the relationship between good fortune, professional success, and a moral obligation to other people? Jai Jaikumar, who as a youth was saved by a shepherd woman after a tragic mountaineering accident in the Himalayas, and who later rose to the top of his professional domain, believed that good fortune, success, and obligation were necessarily and inescapably connected. This case recounts the extraordinary true story of Jai's mountain fall and subsequent rescue. Contains remarkable parallels to the HBR classic The Parable of the Sadhu, except that here we learn the opposite perspective, with the story revealed through the eyes of the foreigner in distress who must place his fate in the hands of a stranger.

Keywords: Moral Sensibility; History; Personal Development and Career; Relationships; Familiarity; Perception; Welfare or Wellbeing;


Bowen, H. Kent, Richard Compton Squire, Sarah Patricia Vickers-Willis, and Harry James Wilson. "Fall Before Rising, A: The Story of Jai Jaikumar (A)." Harvard Business School Background Note 600-047, March 2000.