Case | HBS Case Collection | February 2000 (Revised March 2004)

Venture Law Group (A)

by Thomas J. DeLong, Ashish Nanda and Scott D Landry


Craig Johnson, Venture Law Group's (VLG) chairman, founded VLG in 1993 with a goal of "zero voluntary turnover." In late 1998, Johnson faces the departure of three important partners, prompting himself to ask what VLG can do in the midst of an "economic hurricane" that is luring VLG attorneys to leave and enter companies.

Keywords: Business Model; Customer Relationship Management; Partners and Partnerships; Retention; Legal Services Industry;


DeLong, Thomas J., Ashish Nanda, and Scott D Landry. "Venture Law Group (A)." Harvard Business School Case 800-065, February 2000. (Revised March 2004.)