Case | HBS Case Collection | February 2000 (Revised August 2000)

Microsoft Latin America

by Robert S. Kaplan, Alberto Ballve and Antonio Davila


Mauricio Santillan, regional vice president for the Latin American division of Microsoft, has introduced a new performance measurement system to help his country managers formulate and control strategy. Microsoft Latin America's priorities are rolling out of an entirely new corporate database software package and devising a strategy to combat software piracy. Santillan uses the measurement system to motivate country managers to establish locally-relevant strategies that will be aligned with the region's global priorities. This case shows how a Balanced Scorecard system can be useful to help managers in emerging markets learn about the importance of strategy and become better general managers. Also illustrates that a strategic measurement system can be implemented even in an environment where reliable data may be difficult to acquire.

Keywords: Balanced Scorecard; Software; Emerging Markets; Crime and Corruption; Motivation and Incentives; Management Skills; Global Strategy; Strategy; Information Technology Industry; Latin America;


Kaplan, Robert S., Alberto Ballve, and Antonio Davila. "Microsoft Latin America." Harvard Business School Case 100-040, February 2000. (Revised August 2000.)