Case | HBS Case Collection | February 2000 (Revised November 2000)

by Myra M. Hart and Sarah S. Khetani


Entrepreneurs Ellen Pack and Marleen McDaniel have founded a women's online network and watched it grow from an online subscription service in 1992 to one of the best known, widely visited women's networks on the web in 1999. While the company's vision has remained consistent, the company has taken on new forms as the Internet world in which it operates changes. The company reincarnates its business model and creates new strategic partnerships in an Internet space that is rapidly filling with other women's media organizations. McDaniel's challenges include "getting her stars aligned" before an IPO. Does she have the proper systems in place to ensure that an IPO will be successful?

Keywords: Business Model; Entrepreneurship; Internet; Partners and Partnerships; Initial Public Offering; Networks; Transition; Web; Web Services Industry;


Hart, Myra M., and Sarah S. Khetani. "" Harvard Business School Case 800-216, February 2000. (Revised November 2000.)