Case | HBS Case Collection | January 2000 (Revised February 2000)

HBS California Research Center, The

by Ashish Nanda, Thomas J. DeLong and Scott D Landry


Harvard Business School's (HBS) California Research Center, a three-year experiment initiated in July 1997 to facilitate research, case-writing, and course development centered in the Silicon Valley Region, has been a "phenomenal success." In June 1999, HBS Dean Kim Clark and faculty are contemplating whether to modify or retain the current mission and scope of the California Research Center.

Keywords: Business Education; Growth and Development Strategy; Corporate Strategy; Success; Education Industry; San Francisco;


Nanda, Ashish, Thomas J. DeLong, and Scott D Landry. "HBS California Research Center, The." Harvard Business School Case 800-189, January 2000. (Revised February 2000.)