Case | HBS Case Collection | January 2000 (Revised June 2000) Marketing to Generation Y

by John A. Deighton and Gil McWilliams


A profitable dot com company? retails clothing to teens by catalog. Alloy uses a Web site to convert prospects and build community. The result is a business with the economics of a direct marketer and the market capitalization of an Internet start-up. The case presents the decision of whether to partner with AOL or to persevere with the current mix of customer acquisition methods.

Keywords: Marketing Strategy; Web Sites; Business and Community Relations; Partners and Partnerships; Customer Relationship Management; Decision Choices and Conditions; Business Startups; Information Technology Industry; Consumer Products Industry;


Deighton, John A., and Gil McWilliams. " Marketing to Generation Y." Harvard Business School Case 500-048, January 2000. (Revised June 2000.) (request a courtesy copy.)