Case | HBS Case Collection | July 1999 (Revised January 2000)

Yahoo!: Business on Internet Time

by Jan W. Rivkin and Jay R. Girotto


In the wake of major competitive moves, CEO Tim Koogle and his senior team at Yahoo!, an Internet portal, must decide whether and how to adjust their strategy. Following deals between AOL and Netscape, Excite and @Home, Infoseek and Disney, and Snap and NBS, Yahoo! faces the prospect of being the last portal without a significant partner. Students must grapple with the benefits and costs of integration in the rapidly changing world of the Internet. Special emphasis is given to the interactions among Yahoo!'s functions and the effects of those interactions on firm flexibility.

Keywords: Competitive Strategy; Growth and Development Strategy; Business Strategy; Organizational Structure; Industry Structures; Web; Risk Management; Technological Innovation; Business or Company Management; Information Technology Industry; Web Services Industry;


Rivkin, Jan W., and Jay R. Girotto. "Yahoo!: Business on Internet Time." Harvard Business School Case 700-013, July 1999. (Revised January 2000.)