Case | HBS Case Collection | December 1999 (Revised April 2000)

Franco Bernabe: Reflections on Telecom Italia (A)

by Linda A. Hill and Kristin Doughty


In November 1998, Franco Bernabe left ENI to become CEO of Telecom Italia, Italy's primary telecommunications provider. Three months later, Roberto Colaninno, CEO of Olivetti SpA, an Italian computer and telecom company one fifth the size of Telecom Italia, launched a hostile takeover of Telecom Italia. In this case, Bernabe reflects on his departure from ENI, his experiences at Telecom Italia during the takeover, and his plans moving forward in November 1999.

Keywords: Management Teams; Mergers and Acquisitions; Planning; Telecommunications Industry; Italy;


Hill, Linda A., and Kristin Doughty. "Franco Bernabe: Reflections on Telecom Italia (A)." Harvard Business School Case 400-060, December 1999. (Revised April 2000.)