Case | HBS Case Collection | October 1999

ZEFER: Building a Business at Hyperspeed

by John T. Gourville and Joseph B. Lassiter III


In the past 18 months, ZEFER has gone from a several-person Internet consulting firm to a major player in the information-technology services industry. In particular, in the past six months, it has grown from 40 to 400 professionals, has hired a seasoned management team, has received $100 million in venture capital funding, and has acquired three companies. Is such explosive growth necessary? If so, how can it be managed to ensure a healthy and consistent corporate culture? Finally, how should the founding partners of the firm think about their roles in the evolving company?

Keywords: Growth and Development; Recruitment; Venture Capital; Acquisition; Organizational Culture; Managerial Roles; Growth Management; Information Technology Industry;


Gourville, John T., and Joseph B. Lassiter III. "ZEFER: Building a Business at Hyperspeed." Harvard Business School Case 500-032, October 1999.