Case | HBS Case Collection | October 1999

Argentina's YFP Sociedad Anonima (E): A New Era

by Michael Y. Yoshino, Carin-Isabel Knoop and Cate Reavis


In June 1999, Spain's former state-owned oil giant Repsol, acquired 97% of YPF, despite opposition from YPF management. The case describes the status of the two companies at the time of the acquisition and highlights concerns expressed by industry analysts on the deal.

Keywords: Non-Renewable Energy; State Ownership; Acquisition; Decisions; Profit; Privatization; Corporate Strategy; Mining Industry; Energy Industry; Argentina; Spain;


Yoshino, Michael Y., Carin-Isabel Knoop, and Cate Reavis. "Argentina's YFP Sociedad Anonima (E): A New Era." Harvard Business School Case 300-028, October 1999.