Case | HBS Case Collection | October 1999 (Revised July 2002) (A)

by Sandra J. Sucher and Daniel Galvin


The case describes the new product development process for, an Internet-only financial services "infomediary" created by a team from Bank One's First USA division. The creation of the bank is described from concept development to prelaunch decision making. Rich detail is provided for analysis about the processes and managerial decisions that allowed the bank to be created in roughly 120 days through a team of 30 vendors. In addition, the concept of an "infomediary" is introduced. The case's decision point requires students to make tradeoffs between speed (the desire to achieve first-mover advantage in online banking) and reliability and completeness of concept.

Keywords: Business Startups; Decision Making; Information Management; Management Practices and Processes; Managerial Roles; Product Development; Performance Consistency; Competitive Advantage; Internet; Financial Services Industry; Web Services Industry; United States;


Sucher, Sandra J., and Daniel Galvin. " (A)." Harvard Business School Case 600-035, October 1999. (Revised July 2002.)