Case | HBS Case Collection | August 1999 (Revised January 2002)

Brita Products Company, The

by John A. Deighton


Clorox's Brita skillfully exploits a tide of water safety concerns, growing a home water (filtration) business from inception to a 15% U.S. household penetration in ten years. The dilemma in the case arises as the period of increasing returns seems to be drawing to a close, and management must use its legacy, an installed based and a strong brand equity, to take the business forward into a less friendly environment. Students can model the relation between the primary demand for pitchers and the derived demand for filters to decide where they want to put future investments.

Keywords: Customer Value and Value Chain; Acquisition; Retention; Safety; Natural Environment; Emerging Markets; Investment Return; Equity; Demand and Consumers; United States;


Deighton, John A. "Brita Products Company, The." Harvard Business School Case 500-024, August 1999. (Revised January 2002.) (request a courtesy copy.)