Case | HBS Case Collection | August 1999 (Revised February 2000)

Cisco Systems, Inc.: Acquisition Integration for Manufacturing (A)

by Steven C. Wheelwright, Charles A. Holloway, Nicole Tempest and Christian G. Kasper


Describes the procedures and processes used by Cisco Systems in its acquisition of high-technology firms. Its goal is to retain key engineering talent and to leverage existing product development efforts, but to quickly merge acquired companies its own systems and procedures. In addition to describing the general approach used by Cisco, this case describes some of the specifics involving its acquisition of Summa Four, a designer/manufacturer of a related product line, whose major activities are located in New England.

Keywords: Information Technology; Leveraged Buyouts; Acquisition; Integration; Mergers and Acquisitions; Production; Activity Based Costing and Management; Corporate Entrepreneurship; Innovation and Management; Technological Innovation; Talent and Talent Management; Human Resources; Manufacturing Industry; Technology Industry; England;


Wheelwright, Steven C., Charles A. Holloway, Nicole Tempest, and Christian G. Kasper. "Cisco Systems, Inc.: Acquisition Integration for Manufacturing (A)." Harvard Business School Case 600-015, August 1999. (Revised February 2000.)