Case | HBS Case Collection | March 1999 (Revised February 2000)

Ken Hakuta:

by Teresa M. Amabile and Nicole Tempest


Ken Hakuta had been an entrepreneur all his life. Having started a number of consumer-oriented ventures, he became well-known as "Dr. Fad," the initiator of the "Wacky Wallwalker" toy craze in the 1980s. Wishing to strike out in an exciting new direction in 1998, he capitalized on his long-standing interest in herbal medicine to found, the first e-commerce company devoted solely to herbal remedy products and information.

Keywords: Business Startups; Entrepreneurship; Health; Information Publishing; Leadership Style; Problems and Challenges; Web Sites;


Amabile, Teresa M., and Nicole Tempest. "Ken Hakuta:" Harvard Business School Case 899-250, March 1999. (Revised February 2000.)