Case | HBS Case Collection | March 1999 (Revised November 2001)

Honda-Rover (A): Crafting an Alliance

by Ashish Nanda, James K. Sebenius and Ron Fortgang


Faced with vexing financial challenges in 1993, British Aerospace (BAe) is determined to shed its loss-making automaker, Rover. It offers to sell its stake in Rover to Honda, Rover's partner since 1979, but Honda is reluctant to raise its stake in Rover. Meanwhile, BMW approaches BAe with a confidential bid to buy out Rover. This case places these developments within the context of the history of the British auto industry, Rover's heritage, evolution of the Honda-Rover partnership, and the rationale for BMW's interest in Rover. The case series describes subsequent developments.

Keywords: Business Exit or Shutdown; Joint Ventures; Alliances; Knowledge Sharing; Strategy; Contracts; Negotiation Process; Change Management; Negotiation Tactics; Cross-Cultural and Cross-Border Issues; Auto Industry; United Kingdom;


Nanda, Ashish, James K. Sebenius, and Ron Fortgang. "Honda-Rover (A): Crafting an Alliance." Harvard Business School Case 899-223, March 1999. (Revised November 2001.)