Case | HBS Case Collection | December 1998 (Revised May 2000)

Lebenthal and Co., Inc.

by Thomas J. DeLong and Susan Harmeling


Lebenthal and Co. has prospered in the bond business since 1924. Alexandra Lebenthal, granddaughter of the founders, has stepped up to lead the firm. She faces many challenges as the nature of the financial services business changes in dramatic ways. Can this firm which made its name in selling "odd-lots," compete with the larger financial houses that offer a myriad of products and services? How should Lebenthal and Co. respond? What should be their product mix? Should Alexandra sell the firm? How does she attract the best and brightest employees in the context of these environmental forces?

Keywords: Transformation; Talent and Talent Management; Bonds; Leadership Development; Service Operations; Problems and Challenges; Competition; Financial Services Industry;


DeLong, Thomas J., and Susan Harmeling. "Lebenthal and Co., Inc." Harvard Business School Case 899-121, December 1998. (Revised May 2000.)