Case | HBS Case Collection | October 1998

CRA Managed Care, Inc. (A)

by Myra M. Hart and Jennifer Starr


Silverman and her co-founder, Don Larson, own the largest privately held injury-management and cost-containment services firm in the United States. When their $80+ million company attracts substantial interest of investment bankers and venture capitalists, the two must weigh the pros and cons of allowing "outsiders" into their company. Though the two have different professional and personal agendas, both want to do what is best for the business and each other. This case focuses on developing an exit strategy from CRA that maximizes value, ensures continuity, and meets both partners needs.

Keywords: Transition; Leadership Development; Venture Capital; Business Exit or Shutdown; Investment; Business or Company Management; Nonprofit Organizations; Personal Development and Career; Entrepreneurship; Service Industry; United States;


Hart, Myra M., and Jennifer Starr. "CRA Managed Care, Inc. (A)." Harvard Business School Case 899-068, October 1998.