Case | HBS Case Collection | September 1998 (Revised May 1999)

Strategic Services at Andersen Consulting

by Thomas J. DeLong, Catherine M. Conneely and Abby J. Hansen PHD


Bill Copacino, Andersen Consulting's managing partner of Strategic Services Americas, needed to submit his recommendation to Peter Fuchs, Strategic Services worldwide director, for the operating plan for Strategic Services Americas for fiscal year 1999. Strategic Services had grown by over 40% per year in headcount since 1989, but remained a relatively small part of Andersen Consulting. Copacino and Fuchs were challenged to grow Strategic Services at the level required to increase its relative position in the firm to 10% of its people and 15% of its revenues. As they discussed options, there were no easy answers. Should Strategic Services continue to try to grow at 30% plus per year? Would Strategic Services be able to find enough new and experienced hires to continue to grow? Could the unique culture be maintained? Should they consider acquisitions? Was there an effective way to meet their growth targets?

Keywords: Strategic Planning; Recruitment; Organizational Culture; Expansion; Business Units; Consulting Industry;


DeLong, Thomas J., Catherine M. Conneely, and Abby J. Hansen PHD. "Strategic Services at Andersen Consulting." Harvard Business School Case 899-065, September 1998. (Revised May 1999.)