Case | HBS Case Collection | April 1998 (Revised January 2000)

Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.: Supply Management

by Francis Aguilar, Paul Clark and Xin Xi He


This case depicts the supply-management practices--including planning, production, and distribution--at Pioneer Hi-Bred International, the world's leader in the genetically engineered hybrid crop-seed industry. Set in the context of a supply-management planning meeting, it reveals conflicting considerations in setting policies for production (what, how much, and where to plant) and distribution. Since the issues are viewed from three independent perspectives--planning, production, and distribution--the case lends itself to role playing.

Keywords: Plant-Based Agribusiness; Production; Distribution; Marketing Strategy; Customer Focus and Relationships; Logistics; Planning; Agriculture and Agribusiness Industry; Biotechnology Industry;


Aguilar, Francis, Paul Clark, and Xin Xi He. "Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.: Supply Management." Harvard Business School Case 898-238, April 1998. (Revised January 2000.)