Case | HBS Case Collection | March 1998 (Revised July 1998)

Boston Duck Tours,1996: Has Boston Gone Quackers?

by Myra M. Hart and Stephanie Dodson


While on vacation in Memphis, former investment manager Andy Wilson discovers a unique "tour bus" that travels over land and through water. He decides to transplant the concept to Boston and to add both historical and theatrical features to the amphibious tour. As he tries to start up Boston Duck Tours, Wilson must figure out how to organize and fund the new venture. The challenges seem overwhelming. He has no relevant experience and very little money. The market is untested and, at best, seasonal. Furthermore, the regulatory barriers are high. Wilson's persistence and creativity provide some solutions, but create additional challenges when it comes to harvesting financial value. This case is particularly useful in the Resourcing and Organizing module of a course on New Ventures.

Keywords: Opportunities; Creativity; Entrepreneurship; Financing and Loans; Problems and Challenges; Business Startups; Tourism Industry; Tennessee; Boston;


Hart, Myra M., and Stephanie Dodson. "Boston Duck Tours,1996: Has Boston Gone Quackers?" Harvard Business School Case 898-189, March 1998. (Revised July 1998.)