Case | HBS Case Collection | February 1997 (Revised May 1998)

3M: Negotiating Air Pollution Credits (A)

by Michael A. Wheeler and Thomas Dretler


A proposed trade of air pollution emission credits between 3M (now Imation) and Procter and Gamble is described. Though such trading is encouraged under federal environmental laws, 3M had adopted a company-wide policy against such deals. Procter and Gamble needs the credits and is an important 3M customer. Local citizens and public officials are sharply divided on the proposed deal.

Keywords: Conflict of Interests; Negotiation Types; Pollution and Pollutants; Negotiation Participants; Laws and Statutes; Policy; Government and Politics; United States;


Wheeler, Michael A., and Thomas Dretler. "3M: Negotiating Air Pollution Credits (A)." Harvard Business School Case 897-134, February 1997. (Revised May 1998.)