Case | HBS Case Collection | November 1996 (Revised July 1997)

Alexander Plaza

by Arthur I Segel and William J. Poorvu


In May 1996, Henry Bower, an asset manager for a real estate adviser, Medcem, has to negotiate the details of a lease after signing a letter of intent with a high technology company, Defentek, Inc. Defentek, Inc. is a fast-growing company with limited net worth that is dependent on the government as a government contractor. Defentek, Inc. would be taking a large block of space in a recently acquired Class A suburban office building outside of Washington, D.C., which has had a history of problem tenants in a problem market that is now somewhat improving. Henry must determine a negotiating strategy and take a position on the various issues raised by the tenant and the tenant's lawyer.

Keywords: Negotiation Tactics; Negotiation Preparation; Agreements and Arrangements; Risk and Uncertainty; Real Estate Industry; Financial Services Industry; District of Columbia;


Segel, Arthur I., and William J. Poorvu. "Alexander Plaza." Harvard Business School Case 897-066, November 1996. (Revised July 1997.)