Case | HBS Case Collection | July 1992

Riverside and DEC: Riverside Lumber Confidential Instructions

by Howard Raiffa and Thomas T. Weeks


A two-party, integrative, negotiation exercise involving several pre-specified issues to be resolved. Each party is given a pre-specified scoring system in monetary units. Side payments, within limits are possible. Face-to-face negotiations take place with no restrictive time limit. The negotiation is between Riverside Lumber Co., who is allegedly polluting the Blue River, and the Department of Environmental Conservation.

Keywords: Natural Environment; Government and Politics; Pollution and Pollutants; Negotiation Types; Negotiation Process; Forestry Industry;


Raiffa, Howard, and Thomas T. Weeks. "Riverside and DEC: Riverside Lumber Confidential Instructions." Harvard Business School Case 893-001, July 1992.