Case | HBS Case Collection | October 1998

Excite, Inc.--1998

by Stephen P. Bradley and Kelley Porter


Reviews recent trends and the evolution of the emerging portal industry, highlighting the competitive position of the industry's major participants. The business model of Excite, Inc., and its major competitors are presented. In addition, the case looks at the new entrants to the portal market such as online service providers and large media companies, and discusses how these players may affect the original portal players. Teaching Purpose: Written to demonstrate how one of the leading search engines, Excite, is making the transition into the portal market. Meant to be taught as part of a course that includes a module on how the Internet is leading to the creation of new industries.

Keywords: Competitive Strategy; Business Model; Emerging Markets; Transformation; Market Entry and Exit; Industry Structures; Web Services Industry;


Bradley, Stephen P., and Kelley Porter. "Excite, Inc.--1998." Harvard Business School Case 799-044, October 1998.