Case | HBS Case Collection | May 1996 (Revised March 2005)

Bombardier TEG (A)

by Stephen P. Bradley and Takia Mahmood


Bombardier, a Canadian manufacturer of passenger railcars and market leader in the United States, faces aggressive competition from a new entrant, U.S.-owned Morrison Knudsen, that has come into the industry with closely related capabilities in engineering and transportation construction. Bombardier must decide is how to respond to the loss of market share and the strategic threat posed by the new competitor.

Keywords: Technological Innovation; Goals and Objectives; Strategy; Competition; Competitive Strategy; Competitive Advantage; Rail Transportation; Manufacturing Industry; Rail Industry; Canada; United States;


Bradley, Stephen P., and Takia Mahmood. "Bombardier TEG (A)." Harvard Business School Case 796-002, May 1996. (Revised March 2005.)