Case | HBS Case Collection | April 1995 (Revised October 1995)

Unemployment in France: "Priority Number One"

by David A. Moss


Explores the problem of French unemployment on the eve of the presidential elections of 1995. Traces the development of social and economic policies under President Mitterrand and surveys leading explanations for the nation's mounting unemployment crisis. One major theme concerns possible contradictions between France's commitment to European integration and its commitment to expansive social protection for French citizens. Another important theme relates to the apparent tradeoff between jobs and wages, which has characterized most of the developed economies since the mid-1970s.

Keywords: Job Cuts and Outsourcing; Employment; Economics; Government and Politics; Political Elections; Social Issues; Wages; France;


Moss, David A. Unemployment in France: "Priority Number One". Harvard Business School Case 795-064, April 1995. (Revised October 1995.)