Case | HBS Case Collection | December 1994 (Revised January 1996)

Constructing a Nation: The United States and Their Constitution, 1763-1792

by David A. Moss


Examines the founding of the United States of America during the second half of the eighteenth century. Focuses on: 1) the reasons why the American colonists rebelled against Britain (1763-1774); 2) the problems the new nation confronted during the War of Independence and under the Articles of Confederation (1775-1788); 3) the main issues taken up at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia (1787); and 4) the enormous challenges facing Alexander Hamilton as Secretary of the Treasury in the first Washington Administration (1789-1792). A complete version of the Constitution (including the first 10 amendments) is attached as an appendix.

Keywords: History; Economic Systems; Laws and Statutes; Property; Government Administration; United States;


Moss, David A. "Constructing a Nation: The United States and Their Constitution, 1763-1792." Harvard Business School Case 795-063, December 1994. (Revised January 1996.)