Case | HBS Case Collection | March 1995 (Revised March 1995)

Smashing the Cube: Corporate Transformation at CIBA-GEIGY Ltd.

by David J. Collis and Elizabeth Wynne Johnson


CIBA-GEIGY is a large, diversified multinational corporation that transforms itself in the 1990s through a massive structural and cultural change. The case describes the changes implemented and the processes used to effect change in portfolio, people, and structures. By the middle of 1994 CIBA is assessing how effective the transformation has been and whether it has gone too far, or not far enough.

Keywords: Restructuring; Change Management; Transformation; Investment Portfolio; Multinational Firms and Management; Organizational Culture; Corporate Strategy;


Collis, David J., and Elizabeth Wynne Johnson. "Smashing the Cube: Corporate Transformation at CIBA-GEIGY Ltd." Harvard Business School Case 795-041, March 1995. (Revised March 1995.)