Case | HBS Case Collection | January 1995 (Revised June 1995)

Portfolio Planning at CIBA-GEIGY and the Newport Investment Proposal

by David J. Collis and Elizabeth Wynne Johnson


Covers the history of portfolio planning at CIBA-GEIGY, a leading Swiss chemical and pharmaceutical company, beginning with the introduction of the process in the mid-1980s. The discussion extends to the application of portfolio planning techniques to a specific investment proposal: the comprehensive modernization of a plant dedicated to the production of high-quality specialty pigments.

Keywords: Factories, Labs, and Plants; Chemicals; Investment Portfolio; Corporate Strategy; Chemical Industry; Pharmaceutical Industry; Switzerland;


Collis, David J., and Elizabeth Wynne Johnson. "Portfolio Planning at CIBA-GEIGY and the Newport Investment Proposal." Harvard Business School Case 795-040, January 1995. (Revised June 1995.)