Case | HBS Case Collection | October 1994 (Revised April 1996)

Patricia Ostrander

by Nancy F. Koehn, Donald J. Edwards and Antonio F. Weiss


Analyzes the career of former money manager Patricia Ostrander. Focuses on Ostrander's purchase of stock warrants issued in connection with the 1985 leveraged buyout of Storer Communications and on her later indictment and conviction for accepting unlawful compensation. At the broadest level, the case examines the financial, economic, legal, and moral consequences of capital market activities in the 1980s.

Keywords: Leveraged Buyouts; Ethics; Capital Markets; Managerial Roles; Outcome or Result; United States;


Koehn, Nancy F., Donald J. Edwards, and Antonio F. Weiss. "Patricia Ostrander." Harvard Business School Case 795-016, October 1994. (Revised April 1996.)